The Association of Tourism and Hospitality of West Cherkaschyna Was Created

The NGO “Association of Tourism and Hospitality of West Cherkaschyna” received a confirmation of state registration as a legal entity. The Association was created within the framework of the national project “Tourist Clusters 300+” at the initiative of the Uman Tomorrow Foundation and the Federation of Employers in the Field of Tourism of Ukraine. Thus, the activity of the “West Cherkaschyna” Tourist Cluster, which operates on the territory of nine rayons of the Cherkaska Oblast: Zhashkivsky, Zvenigorodsky, Katerinopilsky, Lysiansky, Mankivsky, Monastyryshchensky, Talnivskyy, Umansky and Khrystynivsky, has acquired the legal basis.

“West Cherkaschyna” Tourist Cluster was established on July 27, 2018. During this time, with the support of the Uman Tomorrow Foundation, a number of events were held, in particular Travel Fair, lectures by Hans-Ulrich Torsien, DEHOGA expert, guides training, etc. Experts of the tour cluster also offered their concepts of tourism development to Buky United Territorial Community and Palanska United Territorial Community.

“Today our main tasks are the association of entrepreneurs, the inventory of tourism objects of the tour-cluster, investment attraction and implementation of the strategy of development of tourist-recreational infrastructure of the region,” says Alexander Fainin, Head of the Association and President of the tour-cluster. – “The main objective is to improve the conditions for the accommodation and realization of tourist trips at the same time several thousands of tourists in Uman, as well as the creation of modern infrastructure at the most prominent tourist facilities such as the Buky Canyon, Taras Shevchenko’s Motherland, etc. We have a lot of work – from the arrangement of clutches and garbage collectors to the auto roads repairing. In these issues, we will cooperate with local authorities – with the Oblast, with the regional, and with the leaders of the newly formed UTCs. We have a wonderful chance to turn the area into a world-class tourist destination, because we have the experience, desire and resources.”



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